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Full Face (Lower face, jaw and upper neck): £4000 (Now £2450) Over 38% saving

Sides of neck and double chin: £3500 (Now £2000) Over 42% saving

Full face, sides of neck and double chin: £5500 (Now £3500) Over 36% saving


Knightsbridge London

Process for Endolift


How Does Endolift in London Work?

Endolift uses a very fine micro-optical fibre, that contains a red-light laser, which is gently inserted under the skin.

Once in position, the fibre moves in a wide sweeping movement to target the superficial and deep layers of the skin. Patients from Kensington, Westminster, Chelsea, Pimlico, Belgravia, Knightsbridge and throughout London enjoy 3 main results:


  • The laser energy beam targets fat in the body. The laser breaks down and removes fat deposits to give skin a sculpted look.
  • Collagen is stimulated in the deeper layers of the skin which give both immediate and long-term results. Skin becomes noticeably rejuvenated, hydrated, and firmer.
  • The red-light wavelengths used with Endolift reduces pain and inflammation and boosts circulation.

What is the process for Endolift in Knightsbridge?

1. Complimentary Consultation
Your complimentary consultation will take place at Serene Dental in Knightsbridge. We will discuss your medical history and your general health and wellbeing. We will also talk about the area of your chosen treatment and how you would like to improve the skin to this area.

Our practitioner will go through the treatment process for Endolift and the expected results. Costs and a treatment plan are also provided.

2. Preparation
Once you decide to go ahead with Endolift treatment, we will invite you back to Serene Dental surgery in Knightsbridge.

Whilst you relax, we will take photographs of the area to be treated. Your skin is then carefully marked to show where the Endolift treatment will take place. The area will be numbed with local anaesthetic to ensure you stay comfortable.

3. Endolift treatment
We will give you special glasses to wear during Endolift treatment to protect your eyes from the laser light. We will then carefully insert the micro-optical fibre into your skin. No incisions are made. Once in place, the fibre is then gently moved in a fan like motion.

You may experience some slight discomfort as the laser energy moves through the channels, but this is minimal and doesn’t last long.

4. Results
You will notice improvements to your skin immediately after having Endolift treatment. You may also experience some mild after effects which can include slight swelling, bruising or reddening to the skin. This will quickly disappear.

After 3 months you will be aware that skin has become tighter and if you have opted for fat reduction, you should notice this too.

After 9 to 12 months the final results are evident as the collagen proteins have matured giving optimum improvement to the skin.

Endolift & happy air

The only place where you can feel completely relaxed during your facial aesthetic treatments- presenting the Enjoyable Aesthetics Technique by Dr.Safa

As well as it’s use during our dental treatments, we offer ‘happy air’ or nitrous oxide sedation for all our medical aesthetic treatments (anti wrinkle toxin treatments, dermal fillers and Endolift skin tightening and fat targeting).

This is a safe odourless gas delivered with oxygen to completely relax you and ensure your complete comfort. It is fast reversible which means you will feel back to normal within a matter of minutes and you don’t require someone to come with you to treatments.
In addition, Dr.Safa takes you through a guided meditation to ensure you get the most blissful experience.

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