Double chin- £1950 (Now £1450) Over 25% saving

Full Face (Lower face, jaw and upper neck): £4000 (Now £2450) Over 38% saving

Sides of neck and double chin: £3500 (Now £2000) Over 42% saving

Full face, sides of neck and double chin: £5500 (Now £3500) Over 36% saving


Knightsbridge London

Endolift FAQs


FAQs about Endolift in Knightsbridge, London

How long do the effects of Endolift last for?
Results are expected to last between 2 and 43 years. Several factors including a healthy diet, stopping smoking, avoiding alcohol and regularly exercising can enhance the longevity of the treatment.
Are there any side effects in having Endolift treatment in London?
One of the many benefits of Endolift is that it is a minimally invasive treatment. There are little to no side effects. Some patients notice some redness or slight bruising to skin which should quickly disappear.
What is the recovery time for Endolift in Knightsbridge?
Minimal recovery time is needed with Endolift. Most patients return to work or usual routines within a few hours after having had Endolift.
How often can you have Endolift treatment?
Usually, treatment for Endolift can be repeated after one year.
How long is the procedure time for Endolift in Knightsbridge?
The Endolift process takes between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the areas being treated..
Is Endolift in London FDA approved?
Endolift is performed with the latest Eufoton LASEmaR 1500 which is approved and certified by the American FDA for laser-assisted liposuction.
Can anyone have Endolift in Knightsbridge?
Endolift can be used to treat women and men of any age over 18 and with any skin type. We will not treat pregnant or breast-feeding women. We will discuss your medical history at your initial consultation. Certain illnesses or people using certain medication may make them unsuitable for Endolift.
How much does Endolift cost in London?
At Serene Dental, prices for Endolift will vary according to which area you are having treatment. Prices start from £1,500 depending on the area being treated.

Endolift & happy air

The only place where you can feel completely relaxed during your facial aesthetic treatments- presenting the Enjoyable Aesthetics Technique by Dr.Safa

As well as it’s use during our dental treatments, we offer ‘happy air’ or nitrous oxide sedation for all our medical aesthetic treatments (anti wrinkle toxin treatments, dermal fillers and Endolift skin tightening and fat targeting).

This is a safe odourless gas delivered with oxygen to completely relax you and ensure your complete comfort. It is fast reversible which means you will feel back to normal within a matter of minutes and you don’t require someone to come with you to treatments.
In addition, Dr.Safa takes you through a guided meditation to ensure you get the most blissful experience.

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